The 10 Best Fighters in the World [2024] 🥊: Who Reigns Supreme?

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The world of mixed martial arts is a captivating battleground where skill, strategy, and sheer willpower intertwine. It’s a sport that demands mastery of multiple combat disciplines, a relentless drive for improvement, and the resilience to overcome setbacks. But who sits atop the throne, wielding the power to claim the title of “best fighter in the world”?

Think of the most intense fight you’ve ever seen, the kind that leaves you breathless. Now imagine the best fighters in the world in the same ring – Jon Jones with unparalleled precision, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s dominance, Anderson Silva’s unpredictable artistry … it’s enough to make your heart race! Ready to delve into the world of MMA’s elite? We’ve crafted a list of the top 10 contenders, based on their achievements, skillset, and legacy.

Quick Answer

  • Mixed Martial Arts combines boxing, wrestling, judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and more, evolving from brutal early days to highly-regulated leagues like UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship.
  • The current top 10 fighters feature legends such as Jon Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov, along with dominant champions like Kamaru Usman, Israel Adesanya, and Amanda Nunes.
  • The sport is constantly changing, with new talent emerging and challenging the established hierarchy.
  • Get started with MMA by finding a reputable gym, learning the fundamentals, and focusing on mental toughness! 💪

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Table of Contents

  1. Quick Tips and Facts
  2. The Rise of Mixed Martial Arts: A History of the Best Fighters
  3. Top 10 Best Fighters in the World
  4. Criteria for Ranking the Best:
  5. The Future of MMA: New Talents to Watch
  6. Getting Started with MMA: A Beginner’s Guide
  7. Conclusion
  8. Recommended Links
  9. FAQ
  10. Reference Links

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a truly captivating sport, blending elements of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and more.
  • The best fighters are masters of multiple disciplines, showcasing both technical mastery and tactical prowess.
  • The sport has evolved dramatically, moving from brutal and often dangerous early days to highly-regulated and professional leagues like UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship.
  • The rankings are constantly evolving, with new contenders challenging established champions. 💪

The Rise of Mixed Martial Arts: A History of the Best Fighters

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The roots of MMA can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where combat systems were developed for warfare and self-defense. Throughout history, various martial arts traditions have emerged, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Key Historical Developments in MMA:

  • Ancient Greece & Rome: Wrestlers, boxers, and gladiators showcased their skills in public spectacles.
  • Japan: Judo and Jiu-Jitsu were developed for both self-defense and combat.
  • China: Kung Fu and other martial arts traditions flourished.
  • 20th Century: The “Ultimate Fighting Championship” (UFC) emerged in 1993, sparking a new era in MMA.

The Early UFC was a Wild West of Fighting:

  • Fighters from different disciplines clashed without any weight classes or rules.
  • The sport was criticized for its brutality, but it also grew in popularity thanks to its exciting and unpredictable nature.

The Evolution of MMA Rules and Regulations:

  • As the sport gained popularity, rules and regulations became stricter.
  • Weight classes were implemented to ensure fairer fights.
  • Punishing illegal strikes and grappling techniques helped make the sport safer for fighters.

We at MMA Ninja™ see the evolution of MMA as a testament to human ingenuity, pushing the boundaries of physical skill and athleticism. The best fighters in history have not only mastered their craft but also helped improve the sport. 🤯

Top 10 Best Fighters in the World

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Determining the “top ten” best fighters is subjective, drawing on diverse perspectives, dominance, and impact on the sport. We at MMA Ninja™ have compiled a list based on a combination of factors including championships held, dominance over opponents, longevity, and skill set.

In the world of MMA, it’s impossible to make a list like this without sparking debate. 🥊 This list represents our opinion, and you’re more than welcome to share your own views and favorites!

1. Jon Jones

  • The undisputed GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in many eyes, Jon Jones is a dominant force in the light heavyweight division.
  • He has been undefeated in his career for nearly a decade.
  • He possesses an incredible blend of precision striking, top-notch wrestling, and elite submission skills.
  • Jones is known for his unorthodox fighting style and his ability to dismantle even the toughest opponents.
  • He is the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, holding the record for the longest title reign in the division.

Jones’s Strengths:

Attribute Explanation
Striking Excellent precision and power
Wrestling World-class takedowns and control
Submission Skills Highly proficient in various submissions
Reach Exceptional reach advantage

Jones Faces Controversies

While his fighting prowess is undeniable, Jones has faced controversies throughout his career, including failed drug tests and a hit-and-run incident.

Despite the controversies, Jon Jones remains an iconic figure in MMA history and a candidate for the title of “Greatest of All Time.” 🏆

2. Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov, the “Eagle,” left his mark on the lightweight division with his unstoppable grappling and relentless pressure.
  • He dominated his opponents with a suffocating style that made him almost unbeatable.
  • Nurmagomedov retired undefeated with an incredible record of 29-0, becoming a legend within just a few years. 🦅


  • UFC Lightweight Champion

Khabib’s Legacy:

  • He introduced a new level of dominance to the lightweight division, becoming a fan favorite.
  • **He is known for his “ground and pound” style, where he uses his powerful takedowns to control his opponents and land punishing blows from the top position.
  • Nurmagomedov’s legacy extends beyond his fighting skills. He is a symbol of dedication and discipline, embodying the principles of hard work and faith.

3. Georges St-Pierre

  • Georges St-Pierre (GSP), the “Rush,” ruled the welterweight division for years, leaving a lasting impression on the sport.
  • He was known for his well-rounded skillset, strategic approach to fighting, and incredible ability to learn and adapt.

GSP’s Credentials:

  • UFC Welterweight Champion (x2)
  • UFC Middleweight Champion

GSP’s Fighting Style:

  • He possessed a razor-sharp striking game, powerful takedowns, and proficiency in ground submissions.
  • St-Pierre’s dominance was built on his meticulous preparation and ability to constantly evolve his skills.
  • He also learned from his losses, using the experiences to become a better fighter.

4. Anderson Silva

  • Known as “The Spider,” Anderson Silva was a dominant force in the middleweight division, holding the title for an astonishing record-breaking 2,457 days.
  • He’s renowned for his striking prowess, unorthodox fighting style, and unpredictable techniques:

Silva’s Accomplishments:

  • UFC Middleweight Champion (x10)

Silva’s Legacy:

  • His fighting style was unlike anything the UFC had seen before.
  • He mastered the art of counterstriking, leaving his opponents bewildered.
  • Silva’s ability to utilize feints, deception, and his incredible timing made him a true legend. 👍

5. Demetrious Johnson

  • Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson is the most dominant champion in UFC Flyweight history.
  • He ruled the division with a speed and agility that was unparalleled, showcasing a combination of striking, grappling, and submission skills.

Johnson’s Achievements:

  • UFC Flyweight Champion (x11)

Johnson’s Legacy:

  • He set a new standard for the flyweight division, proving that even smaller fighters can be incredibly dominant.
  • His dynamic fighting style and relentless pressure earned him the respect of fans and fighters alike.

6. Fedor Emelianenko

  • Fedor Emelianenko, “The Last Emperor,” is considered one of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time.
  • He dominated the early days of MMA, showcasing explosive power, a dominant grappling game, and an unyielding will to win


  • PRIDE Heavyweight Champion (x2)
  • WEC Heavyweight Champion (x1)
  • RINGS Heavyweight Champion (x1)

Emelianenko’s Strength

  • He was known for his devastating punches and powerful throws.
  • His fighting style was based on strength, speed, and aggression, making him a true force to be reckoned with.

Emelianenko’s Impact

  • He is a true pioneer of MMA, paving the way for future generations of fighters.
  • He was a key figure in the growth and popularity of the sport worldwide. 🌍

7. Kamaru Usman

  • Kamaru “The Nigerian Nightmare” Usman is the current UFC Welterweight Champion and a dominant force in the division.
  • He’s a relentless wrestler with incredible power and stamina. 💪


  • UFC Welterweight Champion

Usman’s Strength:

  • His wrestling foundation is unmatched, allowing him to control his opponents and dictate the fight.
  • He’s also a powerful striker with a high-volume output.
  • He’s known for his exceptional conditioning and ability to outlast his opponents.

Usman’s Style:

  • He frequently uses his ability to take his opponents down, wear them down with ground and pound, and ultimately finish them off.
  • He’s a strategic fighter with a strong mental game, always looking for opportunities to exploit his opponents’ weaknesses.

8. Israel Adesanya

  • Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya is a reigning champion, known for his diverse skillset, dynamic fighting style, and exceptional striking.
  • He’s a dominant force in the middleweight division, bringing a refreshing mix of speed, agility, and precision to the Octagon.


  • UFC Middleweight Champion

Adesanya’s Style:

  • He’s a master of distance control, employing his striking skills to keep opponents at bay while picking them apart with counterattacks.
  • Adesanya’s fighting style evokes artistry and is a testament to his martial arts expertise.

9. Francis Ngannou

  • Francis “The Predator” Ngannou is known for his devastating knockout power and ability to finish fights with explosive force.
  • He is one of the most feared fighters in the heavyweight division, with a relentless pursuit of victory


  • UFC Heavyweight Champion

Ngannou’s Strength

  • He’s a powerhouse, with a devastating right hand that has knocked out many opponents.
  • He’s also an excellent wrestler, capable of taking opponents down and controlling them on the ground.

Ngannou’s Style:

  • He doesn’t shy away from a brawl, often seeking to finish fights quickly with a powerful punch.
  • He’s a relentless attacker, always looking for opportunities to land a knockout blow. 💥

10. Amanda Nunes

  • Amanda Nunes reigns as one of the greatest female fighters in history, holding titles in both the bantamweight and featherweight divisions.
  • She’s a powerful striker with devastating knockout power, and an incredibly diverse skillset.


  • UFC Bantamweight Champion
  • UFC Featherweight Champion

Nunes’s Strengths

  • Her striking is explosive, and she’s not afraid to stand toe-to-toe with her opponents.
  • She’s also an exceptional grappler, capable of both dominating on the ground and finishing fights with submissions.

Nunes’s Impact:

  • She’s a true trailblazer, shattering barriers and inspiring a new generation of female fighters.

Criteria for Ranking the Best:

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Ranking the best fighters is a nuanced discussion, and it’s not simply about a fighter’s win-loss record. We at MMA Ninja™ consider these factors:

  • Championship Wins: The number of championships a fighter has won is a clear indicator of their dominance.
  • Domination Over Opponents: It’s not just about winning, but how convincingly a fighter wins.
  • Longevity: Fighters who consistently stay at the top of the game for an extended period prove their resilience.
  • Skill Set: A well-rounded skillset gives fighters an advantage in all aspects of combat.
  • Impact on the Sport: Fighters who contribute to the growth and evolution of the sport deserve recognition.

The Future of MMA: New Talents to Watch

Video: The Top UFC Fighters To Watch in 2024.

The world of MMA is constantly changing, with the emergence of new talent that threatens to shake up the current hierarchy. We at MMA Ninja™ are excited to witness this evolution, and here are some fighters to keep your eye on:

  • Khamzat Chimaev: A dominant welterweight with a fearsome fighting style.
  • Sean Strickland: A rising middleweight force with a striking style that has made him a fan favorite.
  • Alexa Grasso: A powerful striker and current UFC Strawweight Champion.
  • Jairzinho Rozenstruik: A heavyweight knockout artist with incredible power.

The future of MMA is bright with promising new talent emerging all the time. We at MMA Ninja™ are always on the lookout for new fighters who are paving the way for the future of the sport.

Getting Started with MMA: A Beginner’s Guide

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Are you interested in learning the art of Mixed Martial Arts? Here’s a beginner’s guide for getting started in this exhilarating sport:

  1. Find a Reputable MMA Gym:
    • Look for a gym with qualified instructors who can teach you the fundamentals of MMA techniques.
    • Do your research and read reviews from other students.
  2. Start with the Basics:
    • Master the fundamentals of striking, wrestling, and grappling.
    • Build a strong foundation in core disciplines like boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling.
  3. Learn from Experienced Professionals:
    • Experienced instructors can provide guidance on technique, tactics, and safety protocols.
  4. Be Patient and Consistent:
    MMA takes time and dedication – be patient with your progress and commit to regular training.
  5. Don’t Forget the Mental Game:
    • MMA is not only about physical skills but also about mental toughness: Develop focus, resilience, and confidence.
  6. Gear Up!
    • You’ll need essential gear to practice: MMA gloves, mouthguard, training gear, and proper footwear.

MMA is a challenging but rewarding sport, offering a great way to get in shape, learn self-defense , and develop your mental and physical resilience. 💪💥


people holding shoulders sitting on wall

The world of MMA is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, with new challenges and exciting new talent emerging all the time. We, at MMA Ninja™, are always captivated by the sport’s evolution and are excited to see how the future unfolds. There is no single answer to the question of who is the best fighter in the world, as the rankings constantly fluctuate and new stars rise to challenge the status quo.

The journey of MMA is filled with stories of grit, determination, and athletic achievement. We encourage you to explore the work of these legends and discover the captivating world of MMA for yourself.

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Recommended Reads:

  • “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu: Amazon
  • “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss: Amazon – A great read for anyone interested in optimizing their training and achieving peak performance.
  • “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert Pirsig: Amazon – A philosophical exploration of the nature of quality and purpose, applicable to the pursuit of martial arts.


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Who is the greatest fighter in history?

This is a hotly debated topic with no definitive answer, as different fighters excel in different disciplines and eras. Many would argue that Jon Jones is a top contender for the title, with his dominance over the light heavyweight division for almost a decade. However, other fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St-Pierre also have strong arguments. Ultimately, the “greatest” is a subjective judgment based on a fighter’s skills, achievements, and impact on the sport.

Who is the best male fighter in the world?

This can also be debated depending on the criteria, but Jon Jones remains a dominant force in the light heavyweight division, despite controversies. As of today, Kamaru Usman is the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion, showcasing his exceptional wrestling skills and power. Israel Adesanya is another strong contender with a unique skill-set.

Who is the best female fighter in the world?

It’s hard to deny Amanda Nunes’s dominance in both the bantamweight and featherweight divisions. She’s a true champion, holding multiple titles and showcasing incredible versatility.

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What rank is Canelo Álvarez?

Canelo Álvarez is currently ranked as the world’s fourth best active boxer, pound for pound, by The Ring, BoxRec, and fifth by the TBRB.

**However, the rankings are constantly changing depending on the latest outcomes of matches and the opinions of experts. ** 🥊

Who is the legendary fighter in the world?

“Legendary” is a subjective term, but several fighters stand out as true icons:

  • Muhammad Ali – A boxing legend, known for his speed, skill, and charisma.
  • Bruce Lee – A martial arts icon, known for his groundbreaking fighting style and philosophy.
  • Fedor Emelianenko – A dominant heavyweight fighter in the early days of MMA, known for his strength and aggression.
  • Anderson Silva – A master of counter-striking, known for his unorthodox fighting style and precision.
  • Georges St-Pierre – A well-rounded fighter known for his strategic approach and adaptability.

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